Deep Blue

What Has Worked:

(N) MIL rubbed on hip in place of Voltaren, which she uses daily, and said it work longer than the OTC cream.

(N) After a terribly painful cramp in my leg it was sore. I rubbed some Deep Blue on it and it immediately felt normal again (except when I extended my leg to "locking" position).

(N) Husband woke with back pain and couldn't stand upright. Within a minute or two of rubbing 1-2 drops of Deep Blue into lower back he could stand and walk normally without pain. Reapplied every two hours or so.

(N) This has given me the best relief for headaches, rubbed on temples, forehead and back of neck. Hasn't gotten rid of the headache, but this is the best oil I've tried yet for me personally.

(N) I got a very bad kink in my neck and immediately rubbed one drop into it.  I could instantly (within 3 seconds) straighten my neck and turn my head with no pain whatsoever. 

What Hasn't Worked:

(N) FIL applied to (complicated) broken arm and did not report any relief.

(N) rubbed into jaw after a painful root canal.  No relief.

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