On Guard

What Has Worked:

(T) When 1 and 4 year old started having runny noses I rubbed 1-2 drops of on guard on their feet and massaged it in before bed (for about a week and including before the baby's naps). The 4 year old's nose cleared up, the 1 year old's still ran a little for a week or two but neither developed any other cold symptoms.

(I) Husband loves it as a mouthwash. One drop in a small amount of water, swooshed, gargled and then swallowed. CLEAN mouth!

(I) A few hours after a root canal I was in horrific pain.  I had taken pain medication an hour earlier to no effect.  We had no clove essential oil (best for toothaches), so my husband suggested I gargle 3 drops of On Guard with some water.  I sloshed it for as long as I could handle (spicy cinnamon!), about 2 minutes and then spit.  The pain was GREATLY reduced and I was able to get out of bed and make dinner for my hungry family.  :)

(N, A) Daughter became lethargic in the evening and developed a fever.  Every time she gets a fever she is down for three days, minimum.  She rested and we rubbed the bottom of her feet and the back of her neck with On Guard and had her drink lemon water.  We diffused On Guard in her room before bed.  She woke up feeling completely normal and was even able to attend a party that we were sure was out of the question the night before.

(N, I)  I started feeling exhausted and achy and knew it was the flu coming on.  I drank a drop or two of On Guard and rubbed some on the back of my neck (where the body aches started) and within half an hour I didn't feel sick at all and never developed the flu or a cold.

What Hasn't Worked:

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