Lavender Essential Oil

What Has Worked:

(N) On my feet before bed. I feel like I fall asleep at the feet first, and then the rest of me follows soon after. :)

(N) On mild burns on my hand (from curling iron, frying pan and a light steam burn on my wrist). Instantly soothes and the burns never hurt again after my first application (including when using hot water!).

(N) Applied to 19 month old's feet during first ever tantrum and he calmed down immediately. Used it multiple times since, sometimes just holding the bottle under his nose to smell (A), and he always calms down.

(N) On mosquito bites on 4 year old. Applied as soon as he complains, stops complaining immediately after (and for hours after that).

(N) On raw, painful skin after a blister popped. Immediate relief and fast healing.

(I) Taken with peppermint and lemon for allergies. Nine year old used to suck throat drops every morning and night and still couldn't talk. Now he rarely complains, and when he does he gets an extra dose and is fine. (we have him put some water in is mouth and we drop one drop each of lavender, peppermint and lemon, morning and night.)

What Hasn't Worked:

(N) On an allergic rash on 4 year old's cheeks. No change for better or worse.

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