Peppermint Essential Oil

What Has Worked:

(N) On 9 year old's stomach for stomachache. Also, 4 year old complained that his "tummy" hurt 5 times in 10 minutes. Finally I rubbed 2 drops of peppermint on his stomach and he never said a word about it again.

(N) On chest for strange pain/cramp in chest/diaphragm area. I get this a couple of times a year and feel like I'm going to die. Have to go to bed immediately. This is the first time I have ever experienced relief with this type of pain.

(I) A drop in 1/4 c or so of water, used as a mouthwash, then swallowed.

A drop in a small water bottle to spray on skin for cooling on a hot day.

(N) Sprayed or rubbed on sunburn for cooling. Very soothing.

Worked With Reservations:

(I) A drop on the tongue for stuffy nose (drop, press tongue on roof of mouth and breathe deeply through nose several times). Helps with congestion, but is too strong for me and the 4 and 9 year olds. Throat felt raw afterward. Husband liked it, though.

Also Love:

It is delicious in water (1 drop in about 1 liter of water) for a refreshing drink (I thought it sounded gross before I tried it).

6-8 drops in a batch of brownies make them deliciously minty!

What Hasn't Worked:

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